Because life without knots is just a lot more comfortable

Fistula treatment: modern medicine?

Since the days of Hippocrates^, setons used for perianal fistula drainage are being closed with a knot that creates pain, irritation and discomfort for your patients. Not only does this often limit patients’ mobility in work, sports, going out and sexuality, it can also create further complications, leading to increased hospital visits and higher costs.

There must be a better way.


^Originally made out of horse hair, the seton has been around since the time of Hippocrates. The material may have changed over the years, but the annoying knot is still there.

Finally, innovation is here

Superseton is a smooth, simple and secure solution that prevents unnecessary irritation and discomfort for your patients. Knotless and smooth, Superseton features an innovative closure that is secure and flexible, and can be applied manually in seconds with the patented disposable applicator. While the clever design offers numerous benefits, it still fits seamlessly with established practice.

Improving lives

Superseton makes treating patients quicker, easier and more efficient.
Most importantly, reducing pain and irritation significantly increases patients’ mobility and quality of life.

Isn’t it time for a better way of dealing with fistulas?
Isn’t it time for innovation?

Today, we have a choice.

We are SuperSeton

SuperSeton is an innovation that originates from the Amsterdam University Medical Centre and has been developed by Medishield. Currently, SuperSeton is on a mission to share this innovation with medical centres and practitioners around the world.

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