Dedication to innovation

Bringing science to life, the team of SuperSeton is dedicated to provide the best means of care, to both patients, doctors and healthcare institutions.

Based on a clear market demand, we have designed, engineered, tested, validated and certified the SuperSeton, a seton that meets multiple, rather conflicting requirements:

  • Knotless (it’s the knot that causes irritation for patients)
  • Smooth (make it a smooth 360º round)
  • Simple (close a wire that is smooth, and keep it simple)
  • Secure (once closed, ensure that the seton stays in place and does not detach)

It is the combination of the patented closure design and the patented closure device that constitutes this quality product without compromising any of the features.

We are proud that we have come this way, presenting you a product that is clinically tested in live patients and that has obtained full regulatory clearance.

We look forward to positive patient and user feedback.

SuperSeton has been supported by EIT Health, a network of best-in-class health innovators backed by the EU.

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