Meet SuperSeton at booth #1 at ESCP in Dublin and claim your free samples

September 15th, 2022

It was in Vienna at the ESCP 2019, the last time we met. Since then, the medical world has been in a stronghold, stressing all medical resources and postponing non urgent treatments. But we did not sit back. Wherever we could, we connected with physicians, enabling thousands of patients to be treated with the knotless SuperSeton. To live a life without unnecessary irritation and discomfort.

And luckily, doors are opening up even more! We are eager to accelerate the process of increasing our global impact, reaching many more patients.

Next week, the ESCP Conference in Dublin offers an opportunity to meet with you face to face again, to let you try the SuperSeton yourself and experience its smoothness and ease-of-use.

We want you to join the knotless revolution! 

That’s why this month, we are giving away free SuperSeton samples, for you to try in your own practice. Your patients will thank you for it, because life without knots is just a lot more comfortable!

Request your free samples at our booth #1 at the ESCP Dublin, or mail us at, we will be happy to assist you!