Smooth, SIMPLE, secure: Treating fistulas the easy way.

May 9th, 2023

Dear Surgeon,

As a medical specialist, striking the balance between maintaining routine and embracing innovation is important for providing the highest quality patient care. That's why ease of use is vital for any medical advancement – to ensure a seamless integration without disrupting your established routines.

Enter the SuperSeton – a knotless seton innovation that was designed with the patient in mind, while offering a remarkably simple application process. This user-friendly solution for fistula drainage is the ideal choice for colorectal specialists seeking to improve patient outcomes and provide better care.

Easy does it

The SuperSeton can be applied in these easy steps:

Seeing is believing.

Experience it yourself!

A published clinical trial already confirms the improved patient care. The ease of use is something you will best experience first hand. In your own practice.

Let us know you want to try the SuperSeton and claim your sample set now by sending us a message.

Join the knotless revolution!

Because life without knots is just a lot more comfortable.