SuperSeton expanding its European activities

June 18th, 2019

For SuperSeton – being a start-up company - building an extensive network is one of our highest priorities. It’s the best way to attract funding and further expand our European activities. We want SuperSeton’s smooth revolution to be known around the world, so we can reach every patient suffering from fistulas – wherever they may be.

Over the past few weeks SuperSeton took important steps toward this goal. SuperSeton:

  • Was selected to present itself at MedTech Radar Live. A medical event in Berlin, for start-ups looking to change the healthcare industry and improve patient care with innovative business ideas. MedTech Radar Live is visited by investors actively supporting Medtech start-ups and surgery companies active in our field.
  • Agreed with Rabobank to increase its credit line, supporting SuperSeton to enlarge its European product reach.
  • Was chosen to be included into BIO NRW Düsseldorf: a network of Medtech Business Angels considering an investment into SuperSeton. With its know-how, contacts and capital, they can be of great assistance for successfully expanding SuperSeton.
  • Won EIT Bridgehead support. Its programme provides European start-ups with individualised support in expanding beyond home markets. An important step in deepening our knowledge of other European markets, where SuperSeton will be introduced.
  • Has protected its Dutch innovation by filing for patent protection in Europe, USA and Asia.

All of the above are important steps in ensuring SuperSeton’s expansion through Europe. We’re also going on our very own European tour, to spread the SuperSeton word to coloproctologists everywhere.